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St Patrick's Primary School Eskra

Playground Buddies

Our Playground Buddy system was first established in 2011 and has grown from strength to strength since. There are currently 36 Playground Buddies from the Year 6 and 7 class. Year 6 pupils stand in for Year 7, if they are absent.

The Playground  Buddy system was set up so that children can get involved in making playtime more friendly, fun and safer for everyone.  Playground Buddies are there to assist members of staff who are on duty at playtimes.

The role of the Playground Buddy includes the following: befriending lonely children, helping those who might be hurt or frightened, teaching games to other chldren and looking after play equipment.

*Playground Buddy Training, which usually takes place in the autumn term, has been postponed due to Covid-19.

This is a very responsible role but it is also an enjoyable one.

*Due to Covid - 19 our Playground Buddies have had to take a temporary break. We hope to be back assisting the younger children soon.

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