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Term Two

Nature Rangers Feb-March Week 1 β›Ί
Nature Rangers Feb-March Week 2🌱
Nature Rangers Feb-March Week 5 🐰🍫
Nature Rangers Jan-Feb Week 1 🌲
Nature Rangers Jan-Feb Week 2 🧊
Nature Rangers Jan-Feb Week 3 πŸ¦…
Nature Rangers Jan-Feb Week 4 πŸ—Ί
Nature Rangers Jan-Feb Week 5 πŸ”₯🍑

Term One

Nature Rangers Week 1
Nature Rangers Week 2
Nature Rangers Week 4
Nature Rangers Week 3
Nature Rangers Week 5
Nature Rangers Week 6
Nature Rangers Week 7
Nature Rangers Week 8
Nature Rangers Week 9
Nature Rangers Week 10

🌲 Week One 🌲

In our first Nature Rangers session we were creating a plan of our school using whatever we could find in the outdoor classroom. Some of the ideas and creations made were absolutely fantastic. The children enjoyed themselves and loved the muck. 😁

🌼 Week Two πŸŒΌ

During week 2 at our Nature Rangers club we were making dens. At the start we discussed the purpose of making a den and what they are for. We then thought of the resources we needed and the children were allowed to make it however they would like. Some of the groups got really creative and even had fancy doors with plants! We had great fun and finished up with some hot chocolate and marshmallows. 😍

🌿 Week Three 🌿

Years 5, 6 and 7 had a great time during their Nature Rangers session this week! They worked incredibly hard with their team to create a maze using sticks, stones and natural materials. They turned out fantastic and the team work and creatviity they showed was brilliant! Some teams even had 3 separate mazes leading into each other! Well done everyone! 😎

🍫 Week Four 🍫

This week during Nature Rangers, the children maded chocolate apples. 🍫 To start, we talked about what a fire needs and fire safety. The children were very cautious and stayed well back from the fire. As the fire was catching, each group made stick skeletons using twigs and branches they found on the ground. We then all came back to the fire and melted chocolate in the pan. When the chocolate had melted, everyone got the chance to dip their apple in chocolate and then some sprinkles. It was great fun!

πŸ‘» Week Five πŸ§›‍♂️

To celebrate Halloween, we carved pumpkins and had a Halloween scavenger hunt. The children, in groups, got to carve their own pumpkin. We talked about safety when using the knives and utensils and how best to carve so that you do not hurt yourself. They then completed a hunt. Using clues, each group had to find their way around the outdoor classroom. The group who worked best together and got the quickest time won. They had a great time. Happy Halloween! πŸ§›‍♂️

πŸ¦” Week Six πŸ¦”

During Nature Rangers this week we talked about hedgehogs. The children knew so many great facts about hedgehogs and hibernation. We then discussed how hedgehogs are endangered and what we could do to help them survive over the winter months. Each group created a hedgehog hut, ensuring it was covered to keep them sheltered and had a small opening to let the hedgehog in but no other bigger animals. 

πŸ”₯ Week Seven πŸ”₯

This week during Nature Rangers, Year 5s, 6s and 7s were introduced to the kelly kettle. We began talking about the fire triangle, remembering what a fire needs. We then discussed fire safety and how only those asked should be inside the 'fire rectangle.' We carefully filled the kelly kettle with water and lit the fire. The children helped to safely put fuel on the fire. Whilst the water boiled we learnt about camouflage and played a game of 'birds and worms.' Once the kelly kettle whistled, we enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows.β˜•πŸ”₯

πŸƒ Week Eight πŸƒ

Years 5 - 7 took to the hack saws this week in Nature Rangers to learn how to whittle. Before beginning, we talked about safety when using hack saws. The children were very good and understood the risks involved. They then each sawed off a section of the elder branch, used a tent pole to remove the inside and a vegetable peeler to peel back the outside of the branch. To finish, we played a big game of hide and seek (the children made it very hard for Miss. Devine and Mrs. Shevlin to find them) and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate to warm us up. πŸƒβ˜•